Manage your meatbag. Keep eating hearty breakfasts, drink lots of water, stay away from cigarettes, work in scheduled blocks, plan my fun in advance, take lots of deep breaths. Eliminate noise and clutter. Prioritize.

Wake up. Be here nowSleep early. Explore your curiosities. Face your fears. Let go of the past. Let go of your old self. Address recurring concerns. Get the basic 101s right. Dismantle your guilt. Work on your fitness. Do squats [1]. Figure out howto do things.

Clarify your wants. Identify your desired end-states. Travel. Relax.

Apply force violently – strike hard while the iron is hot. Utilize decisive bursts. Do the thing.

Eliminate obligation debt. Owing people stuff sucks psychologically and physiologically. We’re just not wired to be able to do that and be happy at the same time. Start by saying no more, making fewer promises. Only promise what you can deliver. Beyond that, identify what your existing obligation debt is. Again, eliminate whatever you can, and focus on whatever you can’t. Prioritize the most urgent/critical, get that out of the way. Move on to the next thing. Then when you have a chance to breathe, plan ahead and see how you can get the next bunch of stuff out of the way, ideally ahead of time. Teach yourself to act and move faster.

Improve your rate-of-learning. Are you still doing the same things you did 3 months ago? Then you’re not learning fast enough. Learn to focus. Read.

Work backwards from desired end-states. If you don’t know where you’re headed, then your energy is going to be wasted, misdirected.

Break things down into smaller sub-steps. You like to think you can just improvise your way through things, but that doesn’t work for anything that isn’t trivial. You can’t do long division in your head. Your work is more complex than long division. Stop trying to do it in your head. Appreciate the utility of articulating and externalizing your thinking.

Take the first actionable step. Don’t talk so much about all sorts of things and then not do anything. Do something.

Identify and eliminate limiting beliefs. Often these beliefs are legitimate, eg. I don’t think I can do something because I’ve never done it before. The trick to cracking that is to do something simpler that you’ve never done before. Boom, now you know that you are capable of doing new things. Now start doing progressively harder new things.

Climb up, don’t preach down. Help people up when you can, but not at the expense of climbing further up yourself. Pioneers are more valuable than bridge-builders.

Identify when you’re down. Recognize when your thought patterns are particularly pessimistic. Don’t deny them, allow them through, but send them on their way.

Refuse to give in to darkness. When you’re tired, frustrated, bored, overwhelmed, troubled, burdened – realize that this is nothing new. This is what beats down idealistic youth and yields cynical old bastards. You’re better than that. You’re too young to be world-weary or suicidal. Interesting things will still happen, be a part of it.

Do not pace the threshold. If something needs doing, jump in, face it head on, do it. Apply force violently.

Motivate yourself. Regularly. Constantly. Every day. You’re made of stars, your bones are stronger than steel, your brain is the most complex parallel processor in the known universe. In an instant you can change your mental model of everything. The last chapter to your life has not been written yet and it doesn’t matter what happened yesterday. It doesn’t matter what happened to you; what matters is, what are you going to do about it?

Make a list of personal KPIsMeasure them closely.

Examine your revealed beliefs.

Give away everything you know. Stop hoarding shit, it’ll tire you out.

Beware dumb people. You can’t undumb the dumb. It’s a full time job trying to undumb yourself.

Accept the hand you’re dealt. Stop denying or refusing to reckon with reality.

Pay attention to internal rhythms.

Pay attention to others. It’s not all about you.

Get out of Boringville – hunting down what you find interesting is practically a moral imperative.

Contemplate the passage of time.

Beware the trappings of civilization, ie supernormal stimuli. 

Tame your mind.

Journal regularly. Every morning, ideally. Think about your goals, your values, your best opportunities. Start from the beginning. Be grateful. Gratitude is very powerful, it might sounds soft, but billionaires practice it. It’s not genetic, they work at it. While everyone is worried about turmoil and crisis, the best one say what am I grateful for, what are the opportunities here, what’s good? Celebrate their team, their own talents, stay focused.


know yourself, be aware of yourself


support yourself

regulate your emotions / psyche

manage yourself

motivate yourself



be proactive?

0374 – contemplate what’s changed and prepare for future change

be precise


design solutions to your problems

dealing with failure, mistakes, plateaus, setbacks

avoid failure / fix mental bugs


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