Hello, world!

I will be expanding on this blog to hold all of my thoughts about procrastination, productivity and getting shit done.

I’m currently active on Twitter and Reddit. I’ve also started a Facebook page.


So, introductions. I’m turning 27 years old this year. I figured it’s time for me to get serious about becoming a more productive individual.

I was a huge #MBTI geek in my teenage days. It opened up a whole new way of making sense of myself and others. Mind-expanding.

Over time though I found #MBTI to be a little (unintentionally) deterministic. Any new lens becomes a new set of blinders after a while.

I’ve decided to go with “productiveENTP”, however, bc I find the archetype to be a useful starting point. It does describe me quite well.

There are also thousands of people who self-identify as #ENTP, who will relate to the challenges I’ve faced. All of this is for them.

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