Is Obama ENTP?

As an ENTP who loves Obama deeply and has read both of his books + lots of his interviews, I don’t see it. He’s likelier to be xNTJ, maybe even xNFJ. He’s charismatic but actually a very private individual and a solitary thinker, definitely more Ni than Ne. His bias for action is more Te than Ti. Also highly improbable that his inferior function is Si – in fact I’d say he’s pretty close to an Si dominant (probably Ni dominant).

ENTPs don’t write books with titles like Dreams From My Father. Obama very strongly focuses on deep, ‘sacred’ stories. He’s not a tinkerer like say, Ben Franklin (founding father and obvious ENTP)

I actually can’t really think of any ENTPs in American politics (though to be fair I’m not American and I don’t follow it that closely). Deciding to be President is a gruelling journey that requires immense, monomaniacal focus. I doubt there are many ENTP senators and congresspeople, let alone POTUSes. Most ENTPs would get bored and stifled halfway along the road to POTUS.

There maybe some amongst the founding fathers because that was a better environment for mavericks – but to play politics professionally for decades? Kryptonite for most ENTPs. You’ll find us hosting talkshows, doing standup, starting businesses… not running for President of a massive bureaucracy like the USA.

Jon Stewart might be an ENTP. George Carlin definitely was. Russell Brand, most likely. Douglas Adams. Louis CK, maybe.

Barack Obama doesn’t quite fit in that camp. He was a “values man” long before he got into politics, grappling with deep concerns about identity and belonging. ENTPs care about that too, but with more of a trickster/joker approach.

Obama was never a class clown or court jester. He always knew he wanted to be King, in the best sense of the word. Definitely a J. Closer to Gandhi and Hitler, who were INFJs.

Also another interesting fact about Obama – he’s known to have a very tight, closely guarded inner circle with very strong filters for what information gets in. Most ENTPs I know are a lot more flexible about listening to everybody and hanging out with people after work.

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