Shiny Object Syndrome

ENTPs tend to have Shiny Object Syndrome. What does that mean? Check out this short video of our spirit animal and it’ll all make sense:

ENTPs are wired to see connections between things, to see lots of possibilities. Alternate perspectives, ways things could be different. This leads to a massive generation of new ideas for new projects.

The problem is the followup. This doesn’t come so naturally. It’s always going to be easier for us to think of something new than to take the next step on something that we had already thought about earlier. And having thought about something, we’re going to second-guess it immediately. And then second-guess THAT. And on and on until the original project idea starts to seem sterile, or overwhelming, or suffocating, or boring.

What I invite my fellow ENTPs to consider is this – becoming predictable means becoming boring. How many times have we responded to an article about procrastination with “I’ll read it later”? Why do we pretend that this is somehow original or interesting?

I believe that the ENTPs most underlying commitment is to curiosity and interestingness. And we need to realize that our oversimplistic approaches to creativity – always coming up with new ideas and never executing on them – is itself boring and limiting. If we want to learn more, see more, we need to execute. We need to make things. There are things that we’ll learn and see about the world only if we develop a practice, a discipline.

A prototype is worth a thousand brainstorms. So prototype things. It’ll lead you to new paths that you’ll never be able to see or consider otherwise.

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