Why sleep late

What’s the real reason why insomnia is such a thing? Why do ‘ENTPs’ sleep so late? (I need a name for this group of people.)

Superficially, it’s about devices, internet, distractions.

But underlying it I think is the fear of not having time for oneself, the fear of spending all our time and all our life just working (badly), screwing things up, making mistakes and falling short. Life seems relentless and escapism is tempting.

My theory is that it has to do with the silence and appeal and allure of the night. People leave you alone at night.

Todo: Zoom out, see the big picture, make changes, accept discomfort and unfamiliarity (it will hurt less)

Sleeping early -> waking early.

reminder: you make good decisions when you wake early
it’s pleasant to start the day at your own pace
it sucks to have to rush to start the day

Bad sleep

  • Cigarettes – low blood sugar
    • How to quit?
      • stop buying
      • deal with triggers
      • get an app
      • tell friends
  • Screens – Work incomplete / want distractions
    • How to change?
  • Lack of exercise – Tedious / unsatisfying
    • Why? How to change
  • Don’t feel like waking up
    • Why? Life is painful, hard, work, endless obligations
      • Want to get out of obligation debt

Don’t eat late

Visualize your day, visualize going to sleep

change your limiting beliefs about not being a morning person

move your body, get up get out go for a walk

Word vomits

0386 – soooo sleepy – I get rambly sometimes when I’m sleepy.

0215 – why do I not sleep better? I don’t make it a priority. I worry that I won’t have time for myself in the mornings, and so I try to squeeze out as much time as possible at night – often on my laptop or phone, which is a horrible thing that makes things worse. But the devices are symptoms, not the root of the problem. The root of the problem is that I feel like I don’t have enough time for myself. I need to address that feeling. I should experiment with sleeping early for a month – but those experiments have failed in the past because I didn’t have a hard and fast reason to sleep.

0117 – sleep – “I don’t really care for resolutions but I’m going to experiment with a month of sleeping early. (2014 edit: HAH.) I’m starting now to get a running start. I believe it will make me Fitter Happier More Productive. I believe it has worked for me in the past and I believe it will work for me moving forward. I find that when I sleep before 11pm, I wake up earlier AND more well rested. This was most clearly evident during my NS days and during other brief periods.”

0075 – sleepy and unfocused – “Have been a bit sleep deprived or something the past couple of days. Maybe dehydrated too. Wasn’t very productive at work. This is frustrating because I love my work, I should be progressing much faster!”


What is the real reason we sleep? | Hacker News

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