The Plan

One of the things I like to do as an ENTP – which I think is generally not a great habit to have, but I love it – is to talk about what I’m doing, to talk about my plans and so on. There are broadly two opposing schools of thought about this. For and against.

Derek Sivers is against it. He argues, compellingly, that articulating your plans in public makes you self-satisfied too early, and you then are less likely to following up. It’s better to keep your plan secret.

The alternative perspective (I’m not sure who’s the patron saint of this one, maybe it can be me) is that stating your plans publicly makes you more accountable. This isn’t always true – I’ve definitely stated plans in the past that I ended up not following up on. It’s slightly embarrassing, but it also helps me become more self-aware about my limitations.

The synthesis of these two perspectives would be – it depends. It depends on who you are, what motivates you in particular, how you respond to others, and to failure, and so on. Bloggers are not typical people – we’re unusually public-facing.

Anyway, so here’s the plan.

I never actually wanted to setup an “ENTP blog” – I wanted a “productivity” blog. But productivity is an overly broad concept – there are millions of productivity blogs. So I’m deciding to focus on the ENTP niche. People with ADHD. I was listening to an Elliott Hulse video and he described his audience as addicted lovers and smug magicians. I think that’s my audience. It’s not the smartest audience to go after if you want to make money, or if you want to minimise your misery. But I want some misery. Those are my people. That’s who I was growing up. So I want to serve those people.

I’m going to start building my traffic and chops by writing about 20-30 posts about stereotypical ENTP things. I’m going to look up content on Reddit and Quora, and then put my spin on it. Once that is done, I’m going to start pivoting to focusing on writing about productivity experiments. Ultimately I’ll want to come up with some name or concept or idea that’s separate from “ENTP” – because that’s a niche that I want to grow out of. But I’m getting ahead of myself. As a start, I’m going to build the best “productivity for ENTPs” blog I can. Once that’s saturated, we’ll look at what we can grow into.

I think I’ll still need to break productivity down into more specific things – mindset, frameworks, motivations and so on. I think my secret sauce will be focusing on the deep psychological issues that we tend to have and then gloss over. The reason we aren’t as productive as we want to be ISN’T that we don’t know about timeboxing and scheduling and prioritization frameworks. It’s that we have childhood issues, or we’re afraid, or we have an unhealthy self-image, and so on. Those are the things I want to help people address.

One post at a time.

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