Where to start?

It’s a funny comic about a real problem that people have. Where do you start? You could start by trying to figure out where to start.

Start where you are. Start in the middle. Start by getting one tiny thing done, even if it isn’t the most elegant choice or the most perfect move. You want to get yourself out of your overthinking headspace and into your getting-things-done mode. Once you’ve done one little thing, you can go on to do something else.

Admiral McRaven is a man I admire for this – he’s probably not an ENTP, but he has a simple suggestion that all ENTPs could use – which is to start by making your bed every morning. Why? Because it becomes the first thing you’ve accomplished that day – a simple, mundane task. But it’ll give you a small sense of pride. You can do the second thing, and the third thing.

At worst, if you don’t accomplish anything, you’ll come home to a bed that is made – that YOU made.

Of course, you don’t want to then fall into the trap of spending your every day just doing endless cleaning of everything in your home or workspace – there’s a funny Onion article about a procrastinating surgeon who ends up cleaning the entire hospital.

Once you get your first couple of tasks done, you do want to reprioritize and figure out what your top priority is. Then do that.

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