Why ProductiveENTP?


There are literally millions of productivity blogs on the Internet. Why should this one exist, and what makes it different?


The why is simple – I somehow managed to go through over 22 years of life without being diagnosed with ADHD, without having someone recognize that I was just different, rather than a nuisance or a problem.

I want to write the blog I wish existed when I was a teenager.

How is it different?

1 – The target audience are people who fit the ENTP stereotype – people who are highly scatterbrained, like to do a million things all at once, have trouble focusing, and very likely have ADHD.

2 – I’m going to focus on my personal story and experiences rather than dispense advice.

3 – I’m going to try and dig into the details that most people don’t quite seem to capture.


Categories include…


  • Fitness – meatbag maintenance. Breathing. Sleep, food/diet, nutrition, hydration. Exercise is psychoactive.
    • Sleep.
  • Mental health. How to think about it.
    • Respect your time.
    • What are values and principles?
  • Execution.
  • Money. How to think about it.
  • Career. How to think about it.
  • Peopling – Marriage, family, friendship, colleagues, acquaintances. New strangers. Broader internet.

More soon.

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